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Using a cab service saves a significant amount of time and energy. For example, if you elect to take public transportation, you may face various issues, such as walking to the intended area, waiting for the vehicle, and attempting to obtain a seat. If you choose to drive alone, you must deal with the stress of the journey and locate a parking space once you arrive. Renting a taxi would spare you from those headaches. Unlike public transportation, cabs are customizable and tailored to your requirements. It provides the freedom to go wherever and whenever you wish.

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Transfer service

How it works

The transfer is a service for a tourist. In order to avoid using an international or local taxi service in a foreign country, one can plan the route in advance.

For example, book a private transfer from the airport to the hotel. So, you can start your holiday right upon arrival and save your time and energy.

If you have already booked tickets and accommodation or know precisely your starting and end points, visit the website and choose the route.

Select a necessary rate and car class online. Complete the form: provide exact information, so we could organize a transfer service for you.

A driver will be waiting for you in the right place at the right time, holding a sign with your name on it; the car will already be at the exit from the train station or the airport.

A fast-track ride with stops upon request. The driver respects traffic rules and is not in hurry, unless necessary. All cars are regularly maintained and no older than seven years.

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